Monday, April 23, 2007

Crain's on Geller - Buyouts, Books and Britons

Crain's did a nice feature on Laurence Geller of Strategic Hotels today, including a reference to a novel he is publishing called -- quite aptly -- Do Not Disturb. Despite all the talk of value creation and hostile takeover blather, I liked the article.

Mr. Geller and I ought to be acquaintances by now, and it is entirely my fault that we are not. And it is not because of dirt, or hotel deals or anything like that. Nor is it because our offices were once one floor apart in the same building.

You see, Mr. Geller is the new President of The Churchill Centre, a group in which I have been a card carrying member for a few years because of my love of books by and about Winston Churchill. I keep missing meetings and conferences because my own work commitments, travel and other sundry excuses. I look forward to meeting him eventually so we can talk -- not about business but about the greatest Briton who ever lived.