Thursday, April 12, 2007

California Dirt Lawyer Resources

Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, a law firm in northern California, has a great site of resources on the quagmire that is Califcornia real estate law. I'm very impressed.

The only bone I have to pick with my left coast colleagues is their characterization of a "dirt lawyer" as one who practices only zoning and land use law. When I was in California I did a lot of work in zoning and land use, with an emphasis on CEQA (the California Environmental Quality Act, for those of you outside the Golden State). While I am happy to share the name with the zoning folks, I think transactional real estate lawyers are more accurately given the name.

That being said, when I was a young CEQA geek, I thought that the all real estate lawyers only did land use. I did not even know that transactional real estate lawyers existed. So there! Great effort, Hoge Fenton!