Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Block 37 - Trying to stay ahead of the Cubs and Blackhawks in futility

Well, thanks to Freed and Golub, Block 37 is finally well underway. Gee, it only took 20 years. You'd think it was I-355 or something. (Oh, wait, I think 355 is closer to 35 years in the making when all is said and done.) Even the New York Times and the BBC are in on the act. The Times story can be found here. I never did read Ross Miller's book about Block 37, but I know enough about it to not have to.

All I know is that I have avoided -- and will continue to avoid for the foreseeable future -- going into the Loop, Block 37 or no. Being across from Macy's is no great thing. I was happy to relocate my Chicago office to west of the river (this is an up and coming area, and I can't wait for U.S. Equities' Metra Market to be finished). I don't care about Channel 2, and I can go to these retailers in more convenient locations. So, boo hoo, I doubt you'll ever see me there. (I'm sure the developers are just quaking in their boots over that fact.) OTOH, it is located in the heart of all the Loop development, and having its own CTA station won't hurt, especially if they ever start running airport express trains.

I want Block 37 to be a hit, so I hope Bruce Kaplan is right. A former colleague of mine is at Freed, and I've worked with Golub a lot in the past and know a bunch of people there, both mid-level and senior, so I want them both to succeed. Heck, maybe I'm just too nice. But I'm also a believer in bad karma, and if any property in town has it, Block 37 does. Hopefully karma won't run over dogma.